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How to Delete a Campaign in Amazon

Understanding Amazon Advertising Campaigns

Amazon advertising campaigns are an essential tool for sellers and brands looking to increase visibility and drive sales on the platform. These campaigns allow you to target specific keywords, products, or audiences to reach potential customers. By strategically creating and managing campaigns, sellers can effectively promote their products on Amazon and drive traffic to their listings.

However, there may come a time when you decide that a particular campaign is no longer serving its purpose or delivering the desired results. In such cases, it becomes necessary to delete the campaign to focus on more successful advertising strategies. In this article, we will guide you through the process of deleting a campaign on Amazon.

Importance of Amazon Advertising Campaigns

Before we dive into the steps of deleting a campaign, let’s first understand the importance of Amazon advertising campaigns. These campaigns play a crucial role in boosting your products’ visibility and increasing sales by reaching a wider audience.

When it comes to selling products on Amazon, competition can be fierce. With millions of sellers and countless products vying for attention, it’s essential to stand out from the crowd. Amazon advertising campaigns provide you with the opportunity to do just that.

By running advertising campaigns on Amazon, you can ensure that your products appear prominently in search results, category pages, and product detail pages. This increased visibility increases the chances of potential customers discovering and purchasing your products.

Moreover, Amazon advertising campaigns allow you to target specific keywords, products, or audiences. This level of targeting ensures that your ads are shown to the most relevant audience, increasing the likelihood of conversions and maximizing your return on investment.

Types of Amazon Advertising Campaigns

Amazon offers various types of advertising campaigns to suit different marketing goals and budgets. Understanding the different types can help you choose the most appropriate campaign based on your objectives. The three main types of Amazon advertising campaigns are:

  1. Sponsored Products: These campaigns promote individual products and appear within search results and on product detail pages. Sponsored Products ads are displayed alongside organic search results, making them highly visible to potential customers.
  2. Sponsored Brands: These campaigns feature your brand logo, a custom headline, and multiple products. They appear at the top of relevant search results and can help increase brand awareness. Sponsored Brands ads are a powerful way to showcase your brand and products to a wide audience.
  3. Display Ads: These campaigns display your ads on targeted Amazon and non-Amazon sites to reach a wider audience. Display Ads can be highly effective in increasing brand exposure and driving traffic to your product listings.

Each type of campaign offers unique benefits and can be used to achieve different marketing objectives. It’s important to understand the strengths and limitations of each campaign type to make informed decisions when creating your advertising strategy.

Now that we have explored the importance of Amazon advertising campaigns and the different types available, let’s move on to the process of deleting a campaign on Amazon.

Preparing to Delete a Campaign

Now that we have covered the basics of Amazon advertising campaigns, let’s discuss the steps you should take before deleting a campaign.

Deleting a campaign is not a decision to be taken lightly. It requires careful evaluation and consideration of various factors. In this expanded version, we will delve deeper into the process of identifying unsuccessful campaigns and evaluating campaign performance.

Identifying Unsuccessful Campaigns

Before deleting a campaign, it is crucial to identify the campaigns that are not performing well or aligning with your goals. Simply deleting a campaign without proper analysis can result in wasted resources and missed opportunities.

One way to evaluate campaign performance is by analyzing key metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and return on ad spend. These metrics provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns and help you identify areas for improvement.

Identify campaigns that consistently underperform or fail to generate the desired results. These campaigns may have low click-through rates, indicating a lack of interest from your target audience. Similarly, low conversion rates suggest that the campaign is not effectively driving sales or achieving your desired goals.

By identifying the campaigns that need to be deleted, you can allocate your advertising budget more effectively and focus on the campaigns that yield higher returns. This strategic approach ensures that your resources are utilized optimally, maximizing your chances of success.

Evaluating Campaign Performance

In addition to identifying underperforming campaigns, take some time to evaluate the overall performance of your advertising efforts on Amazon. This broader evaluation provides a holistic view of your campaigns and helps you make informed decisions.

Look for patterns or trends that may impact your decision to delete a campaign. For example, consider seasonal demand. Some campaigns may perform exceptionally well during certain times of the year, while others may struggle to gain traction. Understanding these seasonal fluctuations can help you determine whether a campaign should be deleted or temporarily paused.

Competitor activities can also influence campaign performance. If a competitor launches a similar campaign that outperforms yours, it may be worth reevaluating your strategy or reallocating resources to a different campaign. Stay vigilant and monitor your competitors’ actions to stay ahead of the game.

Changes in consumer behavior can also impact campaign performance. Stay up to date with market trends and shifts in consumer preferences. If your campaign is no longer resonating with your target audience, it may be time to delete it and explore new approaches.

Evaluating campaign performance helps you gain insights into your advertising strategy and make adjustments as needed. It ensures that you are constantly optimizing your campaigns to achieve the best possible results.

Step-by-Step Guide to Deleting a Campaign

Once you have identified the campaigns to be deleted and evaluated the overall performance, it’s time to proceed with deleting a campaign on Amazon. Follow these steps:

Navigating to Your Campaign Manager

To delete a campaign, start by logging into your Amazon Advertising account. Navigate to the Campaign Manager section to access a list of your active campaigns.

From the Campaign Manager dashboard, you can view detailed metrics and manage the settings of each active campaign.

Selecting the Campaign to Delete

Identify the campaign you want to delete from the list. Click on the campaign name to open the campaign settings and performance data.

Review the campaign performance and make sure it is the correct campaign to be deleted. Double-checking the campaign name and settings helps avoid accidental deletion of the wrong campaign.

Confirming Campaign Deletion

After verifying that you have selected the correct campaign, proceed with the deletion. Look for the ‘Delete Campaign’ button or option within the campaign settings.

Click on the ‘Delete Campaign’ button and confirm your decision to delete the campaign. Amazon will prompt you with a confirmation message to ensure you want to proceed with the deletion.

Implications of Deleting a Campaign

When you delete a campaign on Amazon, it’s important to consider the implications it may have on your advertising metrics and future campaign planning.

Impact on Advertising Metrics

Deleting a campaign can impact your advertising metrics, such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and sales. These metrics will no longer be tracked for the deleted campaign, potentially affecting your overall advertising performance analysis.

However, keep in mind that deleting an underperforming campaign may positively impact your advertising metrics in the long run by allowing you to focus on more successful campaigns.

Effect on Future Campaign Planning

Deleting a campaign should be part of a broader strategy to optimize your advertising efforts. Before deleting a campaign, assess the impact it may have on your overall advertising strategy and future campaign planning.

Consider reallocating the advertising budget and resources from the deleted campaign to other campaigns that align better with your objectives. This ensures that your advertising efforts remain effective and tailored to your goals.

Alternatives to Deleting a Campaign

While deleting a campaign may be necessary in certain situations, there are alternative strategies you can consider before taking this step.

Pausing a Campaign

If a campaign is not performing well but has the potential to improve with adjustments, consider pausing the campaign instead of deleting it. By pausing the campaign, you can temporarily halt advertising spend while you make necessary changes or optimizations.

This allows you to preserve the campaign’s data and settings, giving you the opportunity to resume advertising when you believe the campaign is ready to deliver better results.

Adjusting Campaign Settings

Instead of deleting a campaign altogether, another option is to review and adjust campaign settings. This could include modifying your campaign’s targeting, keywords, bid strategy, or ad creative.

By making these adjustments, you give the campaign a chance to improve without completely starting from scratch. This approach can be particularly beneficial if you have invested significant time and effort into campaign setup and optimization.


In conclusion, deleting a campaign on Amazon is a strategic decision that requires careful evaluation and consideration of the campaign’s performance. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, you can confidently delete underperforming campaigns and optimize your advertising efforts on the platform.

Remember to assess the implications of deleting a campaign on your advertising metrics and future planning. Consider alternatives such as pausing or adjusting the campaign settings before deciding to delete.

By leveraging the power of Amazon advertising campaigns and knowing when to delete or modify them, you can effectively promote your products and achieve your business goals on one of the world’s largest online marketplaces.

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